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IHC Group
IHC has specialized in the individual insurance market for many years and have some innovative plans. Their plans include a large network of providers, that give you flexibility to see the doctors you want.


Max Term: 364 days

Best Plan: Connect STM is a good short term plan that provides extensive coverage for medical expenses. Connect Plus also provides coverage of up to $25,000 per team for pre-existing conditions, the only plan that has that benefits.

Tips: Be sure to select 364 days of coverage

More Information of IHC Short Term Plans


Max Term: 36 Months (3 years)

Best Plan: Connect STM or Connect Plus with Extend (max 36 months term). With Connect Extend you have rate certainly for 36 months, as coverage and price is guaranteed. This is the only company and plan that has no rate increases for 3 years.

Tips: Select 364 days in quoting, then add 24 months.

More Information of IHC Short Term Plans

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